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On any given weekend, there are more Mazdas on the road-race tracks of America than any other brand of vehicle.

Michael Heintzman’s fully prepped E Production car prepared by Huffaker Engineering.
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Once you’ve committed to racing a Miata you have many choices of car preparation and engine configurations to choose from.

Huffaker Engineering supports all of the Mazda classes with engine and chassis development. Check the News frame for results in current races.

SCCA E Production: Miatas manufactured from 1990-93 run Unlimited Preparation with restrictions on valve and bore size. Models from 1994-97 have a choice of limited prep regulations. 1998 - 2003 models are classified with their own set of limited prep rules.

SCCA F Production: 1990-1993 1600cc Limited Preparation. This is a limited prep engine severely restricted by rules.  No dry sumps, stock rods, stock crankshaft.  The engine is limited by valve size, bore size.  Camshafts can be modified.  This is also a limited prep chassis.

SCCA Spec Miata National: 1990-2005 both 1600cc and 1800cc.  Each model year and engine size has a different set of rules in an attempt to make all cars equal on the racetrack. 

SCCA Showroom Stock B (SSB): These are current model cars in showroom stock condition.  Limited to safety modifications. 

SCCA Autocross: Many different configurations of the Miata can run in SCCA’s Autocross series.  They range from a showroom stock condition to completely modified engine and chassis.

The above descriptions are a broad outline.  For the exact rules consult SCCA General Competition Rules (GCR) or go to SCCA’s website:  scca.com.