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While I knew that the name Huffaker was respected in racing world for years I  never had the opportunity to experience it first hand until I bought my first MGB and soon after that my Huffaker Genie project car. I could go on and on about how wonderful the experience of the restoration was it is summed up by saying that they did everything they said they would, they did it to the highest standards and they did it with the same love and passion of the project that I had for it. The Huffaker team worked 7 days a week and late nights to get my Genie ready for the 2013 Monterey Pre-Reunion and ReUnion. It was ready and I never missed a session or had anything but adjustments for both weekends. The fact that I finished 6th at the Pre-Reunion (vs 5ltr cars) and finished 3rd in the ReUnion (also winning the Excellence trophy) doesn't even say it all…what I enjoyed most was the commitment to excellence and enjoyable process throughout the restoration…

Michael Vogel


My 1967 MG Midget vintage race car awakened with the replacement of my old “race prepared” SU carburetors with Huffaker’s race prepared SU carbs. With the new carbs my car moved strongly toward the front of the group and my lap times dropped. When it came time for an engine rebuild I opted for a new vintage legal engine from Huffaker’s talented engine builders. My car then became a contender and moved even closer to the front of the group. The last piece of the puzzle was completed this Spring when Huffaker set up the suspension to eliminate some third-member problems, corrected excessive bump-steer and then corner-weighting the car to a vintage legal 1480 pounds. The results were evident when I finished first overall in group 1 at the 2014 Inaugural Brickyard Vintage Racing Invitational in June. Would it have been possible to win at Indy without Huffaker’s help? No, it would not.

Will Carson